High Quality Tools.
Effective and Efficient Production.

Pamin's Core Team is the third generation of Mold Designers and Manufacturers, with over 30 years of experience. Molds and Tools not only determine the quality of the manufactured component but also how effective and efficient its production will be. Pamin intends to provide its customers with "Best-in-Class" on-time deliveries. We specialise in molds for Plastics, Rubber/Silicone, Sheet Metal and Aluminum Products and Components.

Our Molds & Tools Services

Plastic Injection

  • High Precision Molds
  • Hot Sprue Molds
  • 2 / 3 Plate tools
  • High Production Tools
  • Complex Slider Mold
  • Over Molding Molds / Insert Molding Molds

Sheet Metal

  • Progressive Tools (High Production, High Quality)
  • Compound Tools (Simple Tools)
  • Stage Tools (Low Production, High Quality)


  • Gaskets and Mounts
  • Rubber Buttons and Switches
  • Transfer molding Tools
  • Multi Cavity Molds
  • Molds for different industries

Pressure Die Casting

  • Complex Slider Tools
  • High Production Tools
  • Varied Dimensions
  • Specialised textured tools

Jigs and Fixture

  • Custom Fixtures
  • Automated Jigs
  • Complicated Fixtures
  • General fixtures
  • Fixtures for Production
  • Fixtures for NPI

Mold Manufacturing Flow

Looking for Customised Solutions?